A collection of influential books gifted from the personal libraries of revered arts and cultural figures.

Rudolf Frieling

Rudolf Frieling is Curator of Media Arts at SFMOMA. Frieling came to SFMOMA in 2006 from the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe, Germany. The ZKM is a world-renowned institution that explores new media in both theory and practice by presenting exhibitions, events, programs, research, and documentation.
Frieling studied English literature, social sciences, art history, and philosophy at Free University of Berlin and received a PhD from the University of Hildesheim. He has written for major print, multimedia, and online publications, including the book series Media Art Action (1997), Media Art Interaction (2000), and Media Art Net 1/II (2004/2005), all published by Springer, Vienna and New York.; The Art of Participation: 1950 to Now (2008); Bandbreite. Medien zwischen Kunst und Politik (2004, co-edited by Andreas Broeckmann); The essay Database and Context: Artistic Strategies within a Dynamic Field of Action was published in the V2_ aRt&D publication of 2005.
Source: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Frieling contributes his personal copy of Was Kann Man Sehen Ohne Augen? Jochen Gerz Das Berkeley Orakel. The german title translates to “What Can One See Without Eyes?” This project with artist Jochen Gerz and the Berkeley Art Museum was Frieling’s first encounter with participatory art in the 90’s and was documented with this publication.

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