OPUS Book Exchange

A collection of influential books gifted from the personal libraries of revered arts and cultural figures.

OPUS Book Exchange



A book exchange event inviting everyone from bibliophiles to weekend readers to select a book from their personal libraries and reflects inspiration or represents a pivotal point in their life to exchange at random with another participant.  As a participant, you will take home a “new” book, a unique Archive Book Bag made specifically for this event and a new connection with a member of your community.

Step 1:
Sign up. It’s $40 to sign up, gift a book, receive a different book plus your own Archive book bag, and eat and drink tasty things with good people.

Step 2:
Bring a book- one that has been influential to you or represents a pivotal moment in your life.

Step 3:
Bring your book to the registration table, pick up a bag, fill out your ex libris. Place your book and ex libris in the book bag.

Step 4:

Return your book with bag to the table and get your badge and ID tag for your new book. This may or may not be the name of a writer, artist, curator.

Step 5:
Get a drink, enjoy yourself, talk amongst friends, make new friends. 

Step 6:
When we make the announcement, go to your new book and open it. Make a face to reflect your immediate reaction to the book you received.

Step 7:
Find the person whose book you received. Meet someone new, learn something new.

Archive Bag for the Opus Book Exchange